Originally from North Carolina, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies (with a Leadership Studies minor) from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2016. In NC, I ran a production company in Downtown Wilmington, worked for the Cucalorus Film Festival, and founded the NC fILM forum. I started directing documentaries at age thirteen, making my way to award-winning director by the age of twenty-three. I produced countless commercial projects around North Carolina before I was brought on as the staff Production Coordinator for Bonesteel Films in Asheville, NC.

When I moved to LA, I started over, working as a freelance production assistant before working my way up to production coordinator on various commercial projects. Recognizing my passion for the business side of filmmaking, I pursued different positions as an aspiring producer. For example, I worked at a talent agency for six months before working full time at an Entertainment Law Firm in Beverly Hills for a year, while also freelancing as a 1st Assistant Director around Southern California on the weekends. In my spare time, I've served as an ambassador for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations. I still participate as an Associate member of the Hollywood Radio & Television Society while also in the Commercials Peer Group at the Television Academy.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I continued to work in Film/TV as a Production Manager as well as a certified COVID Compliance Officer & Testing Coordinator. I was grateful to continue working during these unprecedented times in a capacity that allowed me to help keep my peers safe and healthy on the job. I especially enjoyed working as the full time COVID-19 Testing Coordinator for Pie Town Productions.

I went back to full-time freelancing in the summer of 2020 before joining IATSE 871 as an APOC.
I started producing commercial and branded content for blink.la in 2022 -- I began as an associate producer before pivoting to their full time line producer.
Blink is an integrated technology and creative production agency headquartered in New York. Our teams in North America, LatAm, and Asia leverage local creatives in over 180 countries to deliver efficient and impactful storytelling at scale. Our workflows are designed to steer through complexity, create clarity throughout production and pave the way for the most powerful stories to be told.
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