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Our third event took place during quarter 1 of 2024 and was our most attended event yet! We hosted in partnership with Spring Place (Beverly Hills) who so generously offered their event space for free. The open floor plan had plenty of seating options and natural lighting to make for a welcoming and chic atmosphere. 
With all of the feedback from October's event, we switched up the speed-networking activity to operate in groups instead of one-on-one sessions.
Of course it would not have been possible without the generosity of all of our sponsors! FiLM iNDEPENDENT (our non-profit fiscal sponsor who makes it possible for all of our donors to benefit from a tax write-off); the food was paid for by Croogloo, and the swag was gifted to us by Versed and Affirmation Darling, with free refreshments courtesy of Big Noise, Avaline, and Boxed Water :)
At the second event we tested a new model for the speed-networking prompts: using dice and a laminated sheet of questions on each table to act as our prompts. Having something interactive to play with to get the conversation going added an extra layer to the ice breaker.
The event hosted at Next Door Lounge on October 11th was a remix of the June event. After receiving messages from participants who wanted to do it again, but bigger, we expanded the guest list for the second event. We doubled our list with 40 women from all different creative backgrounds in attendance!
Another change we made at the second event was introducing sponsors! Versed Skin donated swag bags as well as a gift basket that we sold raffle tickets for the chance to win. After an hour of speed-networking, we ended the activity with announcing the winner of our special raffle prize!
With twice as many attendees and prizes to win, the second event was elevated with extra synergy and connection. 
Almost 5 months into a writer strike (and almost 3 months into an actor strike), it was apparent our community needed connection more than ever.
With an event focused on kindness and connection, attendees felt a reprieve. The most frequent note we got on our feedback forms after the event was "I wish it lasted longer!"
The event hosted at The Britely on June 7th was a perfect case study in how a properly structured event can procure meaningful conversations around empowering women through networkingI wanted to keep the test small (and manageable), so I limited capacity to 20 women/female-identifying individuals.
Before speed networking began, we set intentions together to be fully present and to practice the mindset of both a mentor and a mentee in every conversation. What resulted from setting collective intentions before networking was a magical outcome that I could have never predicted. The amount of love and warmth in the room was beyond words. Ever since then, I’ve been receiving messages from every single participant, asking when the next event will be. I’ve also heard beautiful testimonials on the benefits each participant has found in her own life since that night.​​​​​​​
I've since then made it my mission to keep these events going on a quarterly basis, expanding the guest list so that any of the women of Hollywood media can participate! Let's spread the word, the method, and the love!
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